CEO Andrea Masini to Address EDA Annual Conference 2023: Powering up European Defence

Nov 23, 2023

Andrea Masini, the Chief Executive Officer of Flysight, speaker at the prestigious EDA Annual Conference 2023.

The event, themed “Powering up European Defence,” will host Masini on Panel 2, titled “Towards Next-Generation Capabilities.” The conference aims to strategize by fostering collaborative efforts within the European Union.

The panel discussion, scheduled as one of the focal points of the conference, will emphasize the significance of joint EU efforts by delving into innovation networks, robust research and development initiatives within capability technology groups, and the critical analysis of foresight. This session will feature insights from esteemed figures representing the European defence industry and senior military officials.

Andrea Masini’s presence on this panel highlights Flysight’s commitment to advancing innovation and technological prowess also in the defense sector. His expertise and visionary leadership are anticipated to contribute significant insights into shaping the new technologies and capabilities future for the landscape of European defence.

The EDA Annual Conference 2023 will be an enriching platform, facilitating vital discussions and collaborations crucial for the EU’s strategic preparedness in defense. Andrea Masini’s participation further underlines the pivotal role of innovative enterprises in fortifying Europe’s defense capabilities in the future challenges.

At the EDA Annual Conference envision a transformative future for defense through the strategic fusion of academia, governmental bodies like the Ministry of Defence (MoD), and corporate collaborations. EDA’s foresight extends to the imminent emergence of disruptive technologies that will shape defense strategies in the forthcoming decades.

📎 Exploring Emerging Disruptive Technologies in the Defence Sector with FlySight

🌐🔎For further insights and discussions on this visionary outlook, stay connected and follow the discourse at the EDA Annual Conference 2023.


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