EDA | 48th CapTech Optronics meeting

Feb 28, 2022

The research and development of cutting-edge technologies in the defence industry continues and it is with great pleasure that our CTO Andrea Masini will be attending the 48th Captech Optronics meeting of the EDA next week. CapTech Electro Optical Sensors Technologies (EOST) promotes and manages R&T activities of enabling technologies in various technological areas of common interest to us and all project members.

On this occasion, our CTO has received the invitation from the European Defence Agency to co-chair the session dedicated to OB studies with the Chairman Fabrizio Berizzi (EDA) during the EDA workshop on “Technical Presentations of the EOST Project”.

FlySight is at the forefront of detection, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance solutions for land, sea, space and air scenarios every day. The daily challenge is to extend the company’s experience and capabilities to provide optimal situational awareness in every operational mission.

We are honoured to contribute to the joint activities of the EDA.

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