Enabling Augmented Reality for your airborne missions

Real-time Augmented Reality engine with Artificial Intelligence support for airborne payload operators

OPENSIGHT Mission Console is specifically designed to support payload operators in airborne scenarios, in order to conduct the mission with improved efficiency and simplicity.

An Augmented Reality engine, capable of handling multiple high resolution video flows, improves the geospatial situational awareness of the operator by the superposition of multiple synthetic information layers.

No need to switch to the moving map anymore: all the information are displayed directly over the video for a better mission effectiveness.

Key Features

  • 5Video processing algorithms for image enhancement (equalization, expansion, saturation, dehazing, fog suppression, super resolution)
  • 5Augmented Reality engine for real-time vector overlay superimposition (works with custom user data)
  • 5Moving map with multiple layers support and real-time video-over-map projection
  • 5Geodatabase functionality for direct and inverse geocoding
  • 5Full touchscreen HMI for quick and effective interaction with the operator
  • 5Automatic target detection and classification (artificial intelligence networks specialized for maritime and airborne threats)

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Mission Console Quick Demo

Mission Console Demo

ARS with AIS Demo

Fusion of EO Video with SAR Images


Technical Specs


Provide the operator with additional information only when needed

Extensive data supports, with flexible modules to display custom proprietary data

Allows the operator to coordinate missions on the ground with improved accuracy and effectiveness

Allows the operator to focus on the mission, without the need to switch between map and video to relay geospatial details: all the information is now available directly on the video

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OPENSIGHT is designed and developed to meet specific needs in different scenarios.

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