All-in-one management of your airborne missions

Mission planning, real-time supervision and
debriefing tools for airborne missions

Plan your mission in a supervised environment and identify your targets

Fly the planned mission and exploit augmented reality capabilities to achieve your goals

Coordinate all the active missions more efficiently, supervising from the ground

Debrief the missions, archive the acquired data and generate automatic reports

Key Features

  • 5 Supervised process for mission planning: it is possible to export later usable files in flight by OPENSIGHT Mission Console software
  • 5Real time acquisition of multiple high resolution STANAG4609 streams, to allow a single operator to supervise and coordinate multiple missions
  • 5Exploit, report and file post mission data on-the-ground
  • 5Manage intuitively tags, events description, video storage and images
  • 5Manage tags, events description, video storage and images trough an easy and intuitive process.
  • 5Interoperate in a common operational picture through 3D augmented reality to enhance human cognitive capabilities

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Analyst Console Quick Demo

Analyst Console Demo

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Technical Specs


Helps the operator during the complex pre-mission planning process

 Allows to supervise multiple real-time missions, to coordinate pilots and payload operators with efficiency and accuracy so as to accomplish any task

Handles the extensive amount of recorded STANAG4609 data, searching through them with multiple criteria in a simple and capable manner

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Designed and developed to meet specific needs in any scenario, OPENSIGHT is a multi-platform PED (Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination) system created to provide the best support in decision making.

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