Assorted software tools for your mission

OPENSIGHT plugins can be added into already adopted devices by means of several ready-to-use software tools to analyse, fuse and simulate any kind of geospatial data.

FlySight’s R&D team develops fully customizable tools, according to customer needs. A training in the use of these tools is also provided.

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    Fog Suppression Retinex

    Specifically developed to enhance visibility in fog situations.

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    Infrared Enhancing

    Usage of dynamic compression and contrast enhancement methodologies to highlight important details within complex scenes.


    Electronic Stabilization

    Removal of the platform vibrations by means of algorithms based on optical flow estimation at the same time.

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    Real-time Mosaicing

    An useful and quick overview of the monitored scenarios without losing any detailed information captured by the sensor.

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    Aircraft Position Reconstruction

    Reconstruction of the aircraft position by means of a triangulation technique, assuming that GPS data are not available (due to reception failure or jamming), and knowing the sensors parameters.

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    Real-time Video Tracking

    Active tracking techniques to record time varying phenomena.

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    Automatic mosaicing of the images previously captured during the flight, exploiting the available metadata from the avionics and the texture information contained within the images.

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    Georeferencing Push-Broom Data

    Georeferencing and orthorectification of push-broom data:

    • Multispectral data
    • Hyperspectral data
    • Very high resolution data
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    3D Reconstruction from Imagery

    3D Reconstruction from video, as well as object and scenarios 3D modelling.

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    Super Resolution

    Enhancement of target resolutions, exploiting same scenarios subsequent frames.


    Flight Replanning

    A dynamic replanning Toolbox to determine the route in real world applications where targets and forbidden areas (such as no-fly-zones) can change during the mission.

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    Hyperspectral Sensor Simulator

    The hyperspectral sensors data simulation plugin.

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    Designed and developed to meet specific needs in any scenario, OPENSIGHT is a multi-platform PED (Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination) system created to provide the best support in decision making.

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