Enabling cloud Computing services

From traditional Earth observation
to Earth Information & intelligence

OPENSIGHT Cloud Computing portal collects and analyses heterogeneous airborne, satellite and on field sensors data, providing online Artificial Intelligence solutions and advanced analytics so as to detect targets and time/space changes in the scenario. The system equips users with coherent 4D (space + time) COP (Common Operation Picture) web representations.

earth observation to earth information

Key features:

  • 5Aerial photogrammetry mosaicing
  • 5Time/space changes detection
  • 5Target detection, classification and identification

Fields of application:

  • 5Renewable energy management
  • 5Infrastructure building monitoring
  • 5Forestry and agriculture monitoring
  • 5Oil or water leak detection

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Power Lines Detection & Vegetation Interference Assessment

Case study

Water leak detection

Underground pipelines water leak detection through thermal gradient analysis over aligned visual and infrared orthomosaics.

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Designed and developed to meet specific needs in any scenario, OPENSIGHT is a multi-platform PED (Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination) system created to provide the best support in decision making.

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