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FlySight’s solutions optimize and enhance situational awareness, mission planning and debriefing operations in a real-time operative environment, both in the Defence & Security and Civil Infrastructure Asset Management sectors.

FlySight’s team is specialized in designing and developing state-of-the-art software in the field of C4ISR systems (Command, Control, Computer, Communication for Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance), enabling the best user experience in any mission-critical scenario.

Our mission is to develop cognitive solutions to help humans take optimal decisions in mission-critical scenarios, for example search and rescue or firefighting operations.


What we ‘re looking for

We look for eager engineers and scientists  to share with our team, the  interest in processing data and extracting information, aggregating it into knowledge, transforming it into cognition, and finally, providing innovative solutions for our customers.

FlySight is made up of professionals with a multidisciplinary background who work closely together and tackle the challenges they encounter along their path together. We believe that everyone can contribute to making our solutions a success.

Why work at FlySight

Being part of a Flyby group companies like FlySight, means joining an Italian and British family team, being encouraged to innovate and grow, benefiting form a continuous training approach.

Joining FlySight is a great opportunity!

Professional skills development

We will give you the opportunity to enhance your skills!
You will be inspired to grow, starting from the first day you will join us. Through both formal training programs and on the job learning, supported by our managers, we will encourage you to learn how to gradually undertake responsibilities and act as an innovator.

Career growth plan

We will give you the chance to advance your career!
Our career growth model is based on defined goals, accountability for the results achieved and transparent feedback, allowing you to know what is expected of you and how your results will be measured, supporting you and making you aware of your personal growth.

To be part of a success story

Satisfaction of our customers is our business core. For more than 20 years, Flyby Group develops solutions and brands valued by the global market. 

With this in mind, you will learn how to ensure quality and excellence at different levels: at company level, at product level and most importantly, at a human level.

Check our open positions

System Engineer

As a System Engineer at FlySight, you’ll play a pivotal role in developing 3D GIS-based products, facilitating the analysis of remote-sensed data from airborne platforms. We’re seeking skilled software developers experienced in building large-scale applications, with a strong foundation in C++. Your track record should demonstrate the design and implementation of comprehensive C++ applications spanning GUI, system logic, and database layers.

We value individuals who can swiftly adapt to new technologies while upholding foundational software development principles, ensuring the delivery of top-notch code. In this role, you’ll collaborate closely with computer scientists and engineers, providing mentorship and guidance to junior team members.

Year One Expectations

  • Rapidly familiarizing yourself with our existing codebases
  • Mastering our software infrastructure and tools
  • Leveraging your expertise in systems architecture, design patterns, and test-driven development to shape high-quality architectural components

In addition to driving development internally, you’ll have the opportunity to support the integration of our solutions into customer platforms.

We’re looking for individuals who are eager to tackle technical challenges head-on, regardless of prior experience in the field.

If you possess a Master’s Degree or equivalent in Telecommunication, Automation, or Computer Science Engineering, and are passionate about pushing boundaries and driving innovation, we encourage you to apply.

This position demands proficiency in C++, but more importantly, it requires the ability to quickly grasp new concepts and a passion for continuous learning and growth.


We always welcome on board committed and passionate people!

If you do not find any job positions available but you think you are the person we are looking for, please send us your CV. Get the chance to discuss about potential employment opportunities or the possibility of an informational interview.