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Success Stories

Leonardo Helicopters Mission Management System

OPENSIGHT integrated with ARTEMIS Smith Myers to optimise airborne search results

OPENSIGHT integrated on MAG2A for improved situational awareness


OPENSIGHT-sdk | DVOF data rendering

OPENSIGHT-sdk | ARINC-424 data rendering

OPENSIGHT-sdk | Picture-in-Picture

OPENSIGHT-sdk | Video on Map

OPENSIGHT-atr | Automatic Target Recognition Quick Demo

OPENSIGHT-mc | Mission Console Overview

OPENSIGHT-mc | Mission Console Quick Demo

OPENSIGHT-mc | Mission Console Demo

OPENSIGHT-mc | ARS with AIS Demo

OPENSIGHT-mc | Fusion of EO Video with SAR Images

OPENSIGHT-ac | Analyst Console Quick Demo

OPENSIGHT-ac | Analyst Console Demo

OPENSIGHT-ac | COVID-19 Management Demo

OPENSIGHT-uc | Underwater Optronic Mast Console Quick Demo

OPENSIGHT-cc | Power Lines Detection & Vegetation Interference Assessment

PASEOS Demonstration Phase

OPENSIGHT: the innovative platform for mission planning, execution and debriefing | European Rotors – 11/08/2022

Technical Specs

OPENSIGHT-mc Technical Specs

OPENSIGHT-ac Technical Specs