OPENSIGHT Underwater Optronic Mast Console

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Real-time processing of optronic mast sensor

OPENSIGHT Underwater Optronic Mast Console is the turnkey solution for electro optical data processing. It provides special functions for data enhancing in a situational awareness environment designed for the underwater environment.


Electro Optical data processing

Enhance sensors data and scenario understanding for humans:

  • 5Augmented Reality
  • 5Local contrast enhancement
  • 5Histogram equalization
  • 5Histogram expansion
  • 5False colours
  • 5Fog suppression
  • 5Dehazing
  • 5Visual/IR video fusion
  • 5Brightness enhancement
  • 5Super resolution

Operational scenario and measurement visualization:

  • 5Panoramic representation
  • 5360° panoramic mosaic (quick-look scan)
  • 5Image mosaicking
  • 53D reconstruction
  • 5Digital stadimeter

Situational awareness built-in functionalities:

  • 5Automatic targeting
  • 5Automatic aircraft warning
  • 5Automatic target detection & classification
  • 5Go-deep range alerting

Are you interested in these features?

OPENSIGHT is designed and developed to meet specific needs in different scenarios.

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