Bringing superior capabilities to your optronic systems

Video processing with Augmented Reality capabilities and Artificial Intelligence support for electro-optical data exploitation

OPENSIGHT Underwater Optronic Mast Console is the turnkey solution for electro-optical data processing. It provides specific functions that allow the crew to obtain a superior situational awareness in the operative scenario, by:

  • 5By enhancing the quality of video flows and merging information that come from different sensors
  • 5By reducing the crew workload trough Automatic Target Recognition techniques

The console can also exploit previously acquired data with
post-processing tools for superior intelligence capabilities.

Key Features

  • 5Video processing algorithms for image enhancement (equalization, expansion, saturation, dehazing, fog suppression, super resolution)
  • 5Augmented Reality engine for real-time vector overlay superimposition (it works with custom user data)
  • 5Visual and infrared real-time video compensation and fusion
  • 5Image mosaicing both for planar and 360° acquisitions
  • 53D coastline reconstruction
  • 5Automatic target detection and classification (Artificial Intelligence networks specialized for maritime and airborne threats)

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Underwater Optronic Mast Console Quick Demo



Improved situational awareness, enhancing the image quality (through different image processing tools) and fusing the information coming from different sensors (Visible, LWIR, SWIR, IR)

Assistance for the operator during the target detection and identification process

Gathered new intelligence via the post-processing of data acquired during a mission

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Designed and developed to meet specific needs in any scenario, OPENSIGHT is a multi-platform PED (Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination) system created to provide the best support in decision making.

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