FlySight’s CEO at EDA Workshop on Quantum Sensing for Defence Applications

Sep 21, 2023

“Quantum Sensing Enabling Technologies for Defence Applications.”

EDA workshop aimed to identify critical technology gaps and challenges at the device and component levels to enable the successful implementation of quantum sensors in defence applications.

The event, hosted by the European Defence Agency, brought together experts, researchers, and leaders from the quantum technology and defence industries to explore the potential of quantum sensing and its applications in enhancing defence capabilities. The workshop focused on advancing research and development efforts to leverage the power of quantum technologies for defence purposes. FlySight CEO Andrea Masini participation in the EDA workshop reflects the FlySight’s commitment to advancing quantum sensing technologies for the betterment of defence applications.

The workshop provide key to engage with other european industry leaders, research institutions, and government agencies actively involved in quantum technology and defence research. Through panel discussions and working groups, participants could discussed strategies to bridge technology gaps, share best practices, and foster innovation in quantum sensing.

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