Mixed reality: enhancing defence applications

Oct 13, 2023

A workshop poised to become a focal point for discussions on the latest advancements in augmented, virtual, and mixed reality (XR) technologies, with a specific focus on their applications in the defense sector.

Andrea Masini, CEO of FlySight will be Chair of the workshop hosted by the European Defence Agency (EDA). This event, titled “AUGMENTED/VIRTUAL/MIXED REALITY FOR DEFENCE APPLICATIONS,” is set to take place in Paris on Tuesday, October 17, 2023.

Masini has made contributions to the workshop’s organization with the co-chair Michel Honlet, expressing his appreciation for the opportunity, he stated, “I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Fabrizio Berizzi and the dedicated members of Captech EOST for their tireless efforts in making this workshop on XR a reality. Collaborating with Michel Honlet on the organization of this event has been a privilege, and I am eagerly looking forward to the knowledge-sharing and innovation that will unfold. I also extend my appreciation to all the enthusiastic participants who will join us in Paris“.

The workshop is expected to bring together thought leaders, experts, and professionals from the defense industry, technology sector, and academia. All the attendees will engage in discussions and explore new horizons in XR technologies’ applications in defense. The initial focus will be on “SECTION 1: PRESENTATIONS FOR UNDERSTANDING THE VALUE OF XR”.

This event promises to be a platform for generating insights and innovation that could shape the future of defense applications using XR technologies.

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