Celebrating Innovation: FlySight’s Dynamic February Agenda in Defense and Avionics

Jan 29, 2024

In the first week of February, FlySight’s headquarters in Livorno, Italy, will play host to a distinguished expert researchers and professionals for the 54th European Defence Agency (EDA) Electro Optical Sensors Technologies (EOST) CapTech meeting. This event in the first week will include discussions and meetings associated also with other two pivotal research projects where FlySight plays an active role in defense Research, Technology and Innovation (RTI)’s activities: NEDA, about Neuromorphic Camera for Defence Applications and HYPOTENUSE, focused on approaches include heterogeneous sensor networks integrated in multiple platforms and made up of electro-optical, radio frequency and acoustic sensors. ​

Simultaneously, among the FlySight’s technical and researcher colleagues are set for international engagements. FlySight Application Specialist Giacomo Fontanelli and the Head of Research, Niccolò Camarlinghi, will be in France for a face-to-face Kick-off meeting for the STORE project. This aims to optimize AI-based integrated image recognition systems and develop a shared European database on annotated defense images.

In parallel, FlySight’s Head of Engineering, Mattia Carpin, will represent the company at the kick-off of another European project, TICHE. This project focuses on developing a novel multiplatform to detect and characterize hidden improvised explosive devices (IED) and landmines in complex environments.

An action-packed week of innovative projects will seamlessly transition into the CapTech Simulation meeting, where FlySight’s CEO, Andrea Masini, will be in attendance alongside the Application Specialist Giacomo Fontanelli, Deputy CapTech Industrial Rapporteur in the specific Capability Technology groups exploiting of simulation and computing technologies, serving multi-domain operations. All these activities unfold just before the grand aviation showcases:

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