5GMASS Project and NEXT GENERATION SHIPPING Program: Advancing Maritime Connectivity and Safety

Oct 16, 2023

FlySight continues to work and propel the 5GMASS project, a collaborative project funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) and executed by a consortium of renowned companies and research organizations including FlySight, TIM, CNIT, CETENA, and Grimaldi.

The 5GMASS project has one unified goal: leveraging advanced digital connectivity to revolutionize communication with vessels, particularly modern Ro-Ro ships within Grimaldi’s ECO fleet. These ships are equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and integrated into a cutting-edge 5G network at the port.

The project is instrumental in enhancing maritime operators’ situational awareness, both on board and on shore. This advancement will empower operators to supervise, control, and plan assisted berthing maneuvers with unparalleled precision. By doing so, the project ultimately contributes to improved port efficiency, reduced emissions, and heightened safety by predicting critical situations that could risk port operations.

The 5GMASS project has taken stage in two recent key events: at the PORT&SHIPPINGTECH Conference, in the NEXT GENERATION SHIPPING program, Ilaria Mammoliti, Electronic Engineer from CETENA, presented a session titled “The autonomous navigation in the Italian ports: 5GMASS project,” shedding light on autonomous navigation in Italian ports and the focus of the project. Simultaneously, during the PortComms2023 Wireless Networks in Ports Conference in London, Paolo Pagano, Experimental Physicist from CNIT, gave shine to the project in the advancement of wireless communication.

Get a glimpse of the latest developments within the 5GMASS project unveiled at prominent European events

The port of Livorno, Italy, chosen as the testing ground for this cutting-edge initiative, one of the pioneering European ports to experiment with autonomous navigation, heralding a new era of mobile technology integration in ship and terminal operations.

FlySight’s role in this groundbreaking endeavor revolves around its expertise in sensors, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality, particularly through the OPENSIGHT system. OPENSIGHT is instrumental in enhancing the ship’s localization capabilities by offering real-time georeferenced point cloud and video data fusion, thus making this information accessible to all involved operators. In addition, OPENSIGHT aims to heighten situational awareness by assisting berthing through a trial-based AR pilot assistance system.

The project’s influence extends beyond maritime operations, as it reflects a broader shift towards harnessing cutting-edge technology to enhance safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability in the maritime industry. This multi-faceted approach underlines FlySight’s commitment to pioneering innovations and driving progress in the maritime sector. 

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