FlySight Expands Commercial Network: New Presence in Malaysia

Jun 27, 2024

FlySight is pleased to announce the expansion of its commercial network, including new presence and sales representatives in India and now also in Malaysia. Another step towards this growth has indeed been made with the signing of a strategic collaboration agreement with Sovereign Strategic, a renowned systems integrator specializing in special missions platforms, serving the Malaysian Defence Sector with optimum solutions since 2018.

Sovereign Strategic, with its portfolio of industry-leading products and technology, is dedicated to addressing the evolving Defence needs of Malaysia and contributing to local industry development. The addition of FlySight’s OPENSIGHT system to Sovereign Strategic’s portfolio signifies a significant advancement in providing proven, battlefield-tested systems that offer optimal cost-benefit options to its customers. 

FlySight’s commitment to expanding its global presence is further demonstrated by the opening of new commercial presence in India and Malaysia. This move, supported by local distributors and agents, underscores FlySight’s dedication to providing cutting-edge Defence & Security solutions tailored to local needs. 

The collaboration with Sovereign Strategic is part of FlySight’s broader strategy to enhance its market presence. Earlier this year, FlySight also signed a strategic partnership with Suretech International, a leading technology sourcing company in India led by Mr. R.K. Chanana, which has bolstered its footprint in the Indian market.

Commenting on the expansion, Andrea Masini, CEO at FlySight, stated, “FlySight is strengthening its network and collaborations to provide a more extensive global market presence. Our recent collaboration with the Malaysian systems integrator specializing in special missions platforms represents a step towards our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technological solutions to serve the evolving needs of the Defence & Security Industry”. 

By establishing a stronger commercial network and forging key partnerships, FlySight is poised to meet the growing demand for advanced Defence & Security solutions worldwide. 

Ezra Effendi, Group Managing Director at Sovereign Strategic, declares: “FlySight as a product addresses so many of the challenges and mission requirements of modern defence forces operating special mission Aircraft and UAV platforms. We were looking for a proven product to offer the Malaysian Defence & Security forces, and were impressed that the Flysight offering was either on par and in many respects superior to products from the large US and European OEMs. When our customer can see what Flysight can do, we are confident that Flysight is going to be the software of choice for the Malaysian Defence & Security agencies.”


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