Jun 13, 2024

FlySight, aiming to increase real-time situational awareness for onboard operators, has introduced a new feature in its OPENSIGHT Mission Console.

The Terrain Above Elevation Visualization Capability allows operators to visualize areas that pose a collision risk based on the current flight trajectory. The module displays with a red color areas with an altitude above the current helicopter height, while areas with lower elevation, which no longer pose a collision risk with the helicopter’s flight path, gradually turn green. When the helicopter goes down, the obstacles (such as possible mountains, wooded areas, buildings) on its direction turn red.

The system dynamically adjusts the color representation of the areas to indicate their level of risk. The areas that may pose a potential collision risk are highlighted in red, alerting the operator to potential hazards. This feature provides real-time visual feedback to the operator, allowing them to make informed decisions based on the changing risk level as the helicopter’s altitude changes.

Key Features of the Capability:

Real-Time Visualization: Operators can now visualize obstacles along the flight trajectory in real-time, with colors indicating the level of danger.

Dynamic Update: The red visualization of obstacles and the gradual color change for less hazardous areas provide operators with a clear visual indication as the helicopter ascends.

Enhanced Safety: This innovative feature is designed to improve operational safety, enabling operators to quickly assess potential threats along the flight trajectory.

The introduction of this feature in the OPENSIGHT Mission Console represents a significant advancement in the aviation industry, offering operators a powerful tool to improve operational efficiency and safety. FlySight’s continued commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions underscores its dedication to supporting defense and security operations with the most advanced technology.

Contact FlySight’s team for further information on the Terrain Above Elevation Visualization Capability and its integration into the avionic mission management system of the OPENSIGHT Mission Console.

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