5GMASS | Improving maritime operators’ situational awareness

May 31, 2023

Improve situational awareness of maritime operators, on-board and on-shore, to supervise, control and plan shipping maneuvers with the aim to improve​ port efficiency and reduce emissions.​ Improved safety, forecasting critical situations that may compromise port operations.

Curiosity and more details can you be seen at the FlySight booth at EDID2023We talk about the main objectives that move FlySight within 5GMASS – EU project, funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) and implemented by a consortium of companies and research organizations (FlySight, TIM, CNIT, CETENA and Grimaldi). The common objective of work is to use advanced digital connectivity to communicate with a vessel and, in this case, with a modern Ro-Ro ship, from Grimaldi’s ECO fleet, which will be equipped with additional sensors and integrated into the port’s 5G network.

Bench of test in order to monitor the progresses in the automation of the logistic processes and the connections ship-port will be the port of Livorno (Italy). Livorno, besides being the city where the HeadQuarters of FlySight is located, will be the first Italian port – and one of the first in Europe – to experiment with autonomous navigation. – as a pioneer in the application of new mobile technology to ship/terminal operations.

During the trials, Grimaldi’s eco-ship will receive strategic information of various kinds directly from the Remote-Control Station, already installed at the CNIT headquarters in Livorno at the Customs House. This information includes access to the weather conditions dataset and evaluation data on the feasibility of entering the port. Harbour pilots will also be involved, as they have a fundamental role in maintaining safe conditions for ships navigating inside the port.

Autonomous navigation will increase the safety standards of a ship’s docking manoeuvres and also help to reduce the time needed to enter and leave a port.

Where does OPENSIGHT play?
FlySight is working on sensors, artificial intelligence and augmented reality: OPENSIGHT’s technicals is dealing with the system to increase the ability to localize of the ship, real-time georeferenced pointcloud and video data fusion, making them available to all the involved operators. OPENSIGHT works to increase situational awareness also for assisted berthing with an AR pilot assistance system on a trial basis.

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