The System of Innovation and Research for the Development of the Maritime Economy

Dec 12, 2023

On Thursday, December 14th, starting at 9:00 AM, Livorno Innovativa will take center stage. Titled “The System of Innovation and Research for the Development of the Maritime Economy,” this event, organized by the Livorno Municipality, is set to unfold at the Cruise Terminal of Livorno, also housing the main headquarters of FlySight. The day aims to blend a fair-like atmosphere with stands showcasing local entrepreneurial ventures, knowledge spheres, and research entities. Simultaneously, it will provide moments for in-depth exploration.

The primary objective is to enrich Livorno’s port logistics network by engaging key stakeholders in the field and sharing the nation’s best practices. Among the array of research centers and innovative local enterprises, FlySight will also be presenting the 5GMASS projectEU project, funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) and implemented by a consortium of companies and research organizations (FlySight, TIM, CNIT, CETENA and Grimaldi). The common objective of work is to use advanced digital connectivity to communicate with a vessel and, in this case, with a modern Ro-Ro ship, from Grimaldi’s ECO fleet, which will be equipped with additional sensors and integrated into the port’s 5G network.

This gathering bears significant weight, championed by Livorno’s Mayor, Luca Salvetti, the Port and Innovation Councilor Barbara Bonciani, and the University of Pisa’s Vice-Rector responsible for Territorial Relations, Marco Macchia.

FlySight’s President Emilio Simeone, will represent the company as a speaker, slated to engage in dialogue with other local businesses at 11:45 AM. Meanwhile, at the specially arranged booth, Software Developer Mattia Ristori will captivate visitors with live demonstrations using the Hololens technology.

This event stands as a pivotal moment to foster collaboration, exchange insights and Livorno’s maritime economic development forward. The convergence of diverse entities—from local businesses to research institutions—reflects a concerted effort to invigorate the region’s port-centric ecosystem. With FlySight’s involvement, coupled with the contributions of various stakeholders, Livorno Innovativa promises a day replete with innovation, knowledge-sharing, and networking opportunities.

🔎To learn more about FlySight’s involvement in the 5GMASS project, you can explore relevant articles and resources.

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