FlySight and Phase One announce enhanced surveillance milestone: Configurable Target Detection Ranges

Sep 14, 2023

FlySight, in collaboration with Phase One, is excited to announce a significant milestone in the development of target detection and quantification system for Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI,). Through continued optimization and rigorous testing, we have achieved a high-level of configurability in target detection ranges, providing a good flexibility for users. 

Our systems together, which already combine outstanding high-resolution images and state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to provide operators with incredible levels of detail bringing unprecedented situational awareness, offer the ability to configure target detection ranges according to the desired distance and target size. This enhancement allows users to tailor the system’s performance to meet specific surveillance needs even more effectively. 

Achieving Exceptional Detection Ranges 

In our latest tests, we have demonstrated the adaptability of the OPENSIGHT & Phase One 100Mp cameras, showcasing detection range well above the tests done so far for both people and vehicles: 

Person Detection: 

At the default setting of 3 frames per second (fps), the system can accurately detect people, but for situations that require a larger range, the system can be configured to operate at 1 fps, allowing reliable detection of people at greater distances.

Vehicle Detection: 

For long-range vehicle detection needs, users can adjust the system to operate at lower frame rates, such as 2 or 1 fps, extending the detection range to an impressive wider. 

So we tested that the default setting, the system can accurately detect individuals, vehicles and any other target. For situations requiring extended range, the system can be configured to operate at 1 or 2 fps, while still allowing reliable and accurate detection. 

For long-range targets detection needs, users can adjust the system to operate at lower frame rates, extending the detection range significantly. 

Enhanced Surveillance Capabilities 

These new configuration options empower operators to adapt their surveillance efforts to specific scenarios, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, including traffic monitoring, security, and search and rescue operations. Whether you need to monitor a vast area or focus on specific targets, the OPENSIGHT & Phase One system delivers exceptional flexibility and performance. 

This achievement further solidifies the collaboration between FlySight and Phase One as an optimal solution in aerial surveillance. The integration of deep learning augmented reality and image processing technology takes technologically advanced cameras to new heights. 

With these configurable capabilities, users will be capable to conduct real-time surveillance missions with the assurance of achieving optimal results, even in challenging conditions. FlySight and Phase One are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in uav and aerial detection, and we look forward to continued advancements in the field. 

To learn more about the latest upgrades and the synergy between OPENSIGHT-atr and Phase One, please refer to our previous articles to deepen other results of the collaboration:

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Stay tuned for further developments in our aerial detection mission to provide cutting-edge surveillance solutions. 

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