OPENSIGHT & PhaseOne P3 100MP is the optimal sinergy for target detection & quantification

Feb 8, 2023

The combination of exceptional high-resolution images and state-of-the-art machine learning techniques can provide operators with incredible levels of detail bringing an unparalleled situational awareness: this is what the tests of traffic monitoring on images acquired with our drone (DJI Matrice 300 RTK) equipped with the Phase One P3 iXM 100MP Payload have shown. In-flight tests confirm: OPENSIGHT & Phase One P3 Payload exploit the 100MP resolution images to unveil exceptional automatic target detection & quantification. 

In detail, the automatic analysis of the 100MP full resolution images improved the latency and throughput with respect to the manual process, allowing to monitor simultaneously a wide area, while maintaining the same target definition of a regular zoom camera.

The in-flight image acquisition experience with the P3 gimbal was optimal: a reliable flight, efficient flight autonomy and flawless signal transmission; the advanced camera control options, combined with onboard CFexpress card was more then enough to store 1 fps continuous full resolution images for the whole flights.

The full resolution frames have been elaborated by OPENSIGHT, our flagship product that allows you to intuitively manage tags, event descriptions, image and video archiving, supervising and coordinating even more multiple targets, with data overlying processing and intuitive map marking and distance measurements. 

OPENSIGHT-atr (Automatic Target Recognition) has correctly identified more than 300 targets on every frame, even to the point to allow the operator to have near-real-time concentration of vehicles (car, truck, van, bus) and person in the monitored area. The proposed solution unlocks better, faster, and more precise search operations even focused on a specific target class. 

The collaboration with Phase One is the demonstration of an unmatched drone-based surveillance capability, where Deep Learning augmented reality and image processing takes technologically-advanced cameras to the next level. 

Everything is even possible in real-time, when using these pioneering capabilities on an aerial platform providing a larger computational budget. 

 Learn more about the sinergy of OPENSIGHT-atr with Phase One P3 in the previous article “Enhanced Automatic Target Recognition with high-quality digital imaging capture 

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