Enhanced Automatic Target Recognition with high-quality digital imaging capture

Aug 2, 2022

How much the quality of the data collected helps to clarify the situation during an operation is only the basis for good performance. When the output data is a high-quality image, the added value increases and becomes sublime when combined with a real-time automatic target detection system such as FlySight’s OPENSIGHT-atr.

We are talking about this these days in our technical department, working with our drone Matrice 300 and the professional aerial camera provided by Phase One.

The professional aerial camera is mounted under the Matrice 300, ready-to-flight testing. The selected camera boasts the highest dynamic range, with a wide lens range, smart focusing, largest image sensor, multi-zoom, optimized field of view, and a multi-frame real-time detection. The FlySight’s goal will be an unmatched catchability.

It is the beginning of an important collaboration with this payload that will test absolutely trailblazing capabilities targeted to improve real-time situational awareness systems.

In-flight testing can begin next month and we expect to see a real improvement in both image data capture and information that is not only more accessible but also extraordinarily much more reliable: OPENSIGHT-atr improves the use of the sensor, uses the latest in Deep Learning and enables performance maximization for image sharpness and refinement of the captured data to better, faster and more accurately narrow down a specific target. Everything will even be possible in real time.

Systems such as OPENSIGHT-atr can identify a larger number of small targets and georeference each one instantly. The highest image quality and consistent output improves faster, better response for greater success in detection, classification and identification.

We will tell the details in flight asap. Stay tuned!

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