European Rotors | FlySight Talk 2023 – OPENSIGHT, One System for all Missions

Nov 13, 2023

SAVE THE DATE @ European Rotors 2023

SPEAKING SLOT FLYSIGHT- second day (29th Nov), at 13:30 – 14:00

Stage 3


Independent and Versatile OPENSIGHT Decision Support System: One System for All Missions

FlySight is thrilled to present the advanced suite of OPENSIGHT’s capabilities at the esteemed European Rotors event in Madrid by offering live demonstrations of OPENSIGHT’s diverse integrations within the market. With a particular focus on the OPENSIGHT system’s versatility, FlySight is set to demonstrate a series of successful case studies that underscore OPENSIGHT’s significant impact within the aviation industry. Two of the most recent standout partnerships that FlySight has forged are with CENTUM and HENSOLDT.

In collaboration with CENTUM, the focus is on maximizing the efficiency and capabilities of DJI drones during search and rescue (SAR) missions by integrating CENTUM Lifeseeker technology with the FlySight OPENSIGHT Mission Console. The collaboration with HENSOLDT introduces the revolutionary CaviMission computer, unlocking unprecedented opportunities for system integrators and end-users alike. Leveraging the renowned reliability of HENSOLDT and harnessing the cutting-edge capabilities of the OPENSIGHT software suite, this innovative solution will empower airborne operators to optimize their onboard sensors like never before.




At European Rotors, OPENSIGHT will be available for exploration in live demonstration, offering a comprehensive overview of its integrations within the avionic industry. For occasion, recent announcements, such as the integration with Leonardo, showcase the platform’s commitment to advancing collaboration and innovation in the system integrations airborne solutions.


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