EDT and networking in a common vision

May 5, 2023

Emerging Disruptive Technologies are at the forefront in the main defence priority focus at EU level. Artificial intelligence (AI), data processing, autonomy, and quantum-enabled technologies play a major role in priority technology sectors. These are innovative technologies that offer new opportunities to Defense, improving in effectiveness, resilience and efficiency in terms of cost and sustainability.

FlySight, with its ambitions and objectives, is also determined to contribute to these activities by introducing OPENSIGHT’s capabilities in activities aimed at bringing disruptive emerging technologies to the forefront of the development of EU defence capabilities.

Last month in Prague, during the European Defence Innovation Conference “Getting the edge on the market and in the battleield”, Marco Gazzaniga, supervising the introduction of EDT (Emerging Disruptive Technologies) for the development of the future defense system at FlySight took the opportunity for meeting and professional dialogue in the EU defense industry for enhanced cognitive solutions.
The meeting was very positive and networking was meaningful to establish fruitful collaborations.

The next event that FlySight will not miss is DEFEA – Defence Exhibition Athens takes place from 9 to 11 May at the Metropolitan Expo Centre under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of National Defence. DEFEA hosts the international defense industry by land, air, sea, along with computer and national security. It will certainly be an excellent opportunity for meeting and dialogue where Marco Gazzaniga for FlySight will once again share the innovative capabilities developed in OPENSIGHT, aimed at improving decision-making innovative approaches, within a common and cooperative vision.

Below, some pictures of the event in Prague, during the pitch of Marco Gazzaniga and the networking moment. 

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