DEFENCE INNOVATION in Prague – The EU Conference

Mar 17, 2023

The European Defence Innovation Conference “Getting the edge on the market and in the battleield” will take place in Prague on 20 April. The event is being organised by the European Commission and the Defence and Security Association of the Czech Republic and brings together EU companies, research institutes and universities, governmental representatives as well as armed forces. It is a great honour for FlySight to be able to participate. Marco Gazzaniga,  supervising the introduction of the EDT (Emerging Disruptive Technologies) for Defense Future System Development at FlySight will take this opportunity of matchmaking meeting and professional dialogue in the defence industry.

Marco Gazzanigas pitch is scheduled for the early afternoon and will illustrate FlySights collaborative and disruptive vision. It will be important to learn how new integrations and innovative approaches can make the difference between Emerging Disruptive Technologies, consolidating key capabilities such as Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, data processing in real-time and information fusion for enhanced cognitive solutions.

During the conference, the attendees will be able to share their thoughts and demostrate how innovation can be accelerated with the various technologies adopted in the defence and civil sectors, and launch their innovative ideas.

The conference and the opportunity to share and promote our technology with experts in the field are essential to make a valuable contribution to the Defence & Security sector and to identify the real needs that can also be met together, at Community level.

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