5G Italy – FlySight at the global meeting to tell how 5G will increase our performance

Dec 1, 2021

How 5G will increase our performance. 

The fifth generation wireless, better known as 5G, will be the topic of the 5G Italy – Global meeting in Rome (30th November – 2nd December). Our Application Specialist Giacomo Fontanelli will be among the speakers to deepen the ‘Information systems enabling autonomous navigation‘ in a recorded talks promoted by CNIT with Paolo Pagano (CNIT) and Pierluigi Milella (General Command of the Port Authority Corps).

Soon our systems OPENSIGHT-atr and OPENSIGHT-ars could be integrated in the a port informative system, in order to make elaboration of video data. 
The advanced 5G features combined with FlySight  AI detection algorithms will allow us to track the location of the boats or vessels, greatly improving navigation.

5G is useful because it allows us to treat multiple videos simultaneously and with reduced latency, but above all it plays a critical role in increasing the performance of the positioning and navigation algorithms‘ explains our expert Giacomo Fontanelli.

With FlySight also other companies, 5G players: together in a common objective to give optimal support to the decisions of the port operators. Thanks to the detection in real-time of the position of the vessel, the port operators will be able to enjoy the augmented reality, going to populate it with related synthetic information (e.g. distance from the dock or other ships, speed, time to berth).

What advantages?  A better maneuver in port, greater speed berthing/departure, and consequently a total optimization of all the port resources (docks, tugs, dependent).

This allows us to further extend existing technology capabilities for vessel detection (E.g. AIS which is mandatory equipment only for vessels longer than 15m) or to reduce any interference due to the redundancy of video information’ – adds FlySight expert.

Discover more about how we will approach 5G and follow the full conversation promoted by CTIN, connect to 5G Italy 1st December, in early afternoon at 1:45 PM.

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