Technological partner of HPCQS, the incubator for practical quantum HPC hybrid computing unique in the world

Dec 1, 2021

We proudly announce that we will be part of HPCQS, a huge endeavour to create the next generation of supercomputing centers.

With the new project “High-Performance Computer and Quantum Simulator hybrid” (HPCQS) Europe enters the new era of hybrid quantum – high-performance computing. HPCQS sets out to integrate two quantum simulators, each controlling about 100+ qubits, in supercomputers located at two European HPC centers.

FlySight is contributing with its OPENSIGHT to this ambitious project: FlySight will take part to the design and development of Quantum Machine learning approaches for pattern detection and classification.

We are looking forward to collaborating with our partners at AtosParTec AGForschungszentrum JülichGENCIBarcelona Supercomputing CenterCINECA, NUIG ICHEC, ParityQCCEACNRS – Centre national de la recherche scientifiqueInria, CNRFraunhofer IAFEURICE – European Research and Project Office GmbH.

The project was funded by EU’s Horizon2020 programme within EuroHPC Joint Undertaking and EU member states, in equal parts.

Discover more at and DOWNLOAD the official Press Release

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