PAvCon EUROPE 2023 | FlySight confirms the sponsorship

Mar 29, 2023

FlySight has proudly attended PAvCon EUROPE 2023 – Bilbao, Spain in June 6-7, one of the most important European conference for the Law Enforcement segment. Also this year FlySight will have a high-level presence at the Police Aviation Conference Europe, to which will devote the showcase of some new capacity integrations developed with different industry partners.

It is a great honour to be a part of this continuous network with new meetings, old friends and new opportunities to know and deepen the new updates and innovative technology developing in the avionics industry.

The meeting in Bilbao will be fundamental for FlySight and soon we will show the success of OPENSIGHT integrated with FlytX® Retrofit for Police/SAR/Firefighting and Military missions for Police/SAR/Firefighting and Military missions. 


At PAvCon, June 7 at 11:45, FlySight Software Engineer Mattia Carpin will be speaker with a talk entitled “OPENSIGHT – Decision Support System for the mission-critical operator cognitive enhancement“.

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