OPENSIGHT on the back cover of the Italian Police magazine

Feb 27, 2023

OPENSIGHT dedicated to law enforcement. A view of two operators who are using OPENSIGHT-MC (Mission Console) on board during an airborne mission and OPENSIGH-AC (Analyst Console) to process real-time data captured during a real-time supervision on ground.

This is the scenario on the back cover of the February 2023 issue of Polizia Moderna, the official magazine of the Italian Police.

The FlySight’s commitment to optimizing OPENSIGHT integrations for law enforcement is always constant and first. This is why the OPENSIGHT’s team believes that a continuous dialogue with airborne operators is essential.

The  use of Augmented Reality for law enforcement is certainly beneficial and successful for helicopter crews, in many applications. For example in surveillance operations, traffic control, search & rescue activities, also to critical event monitoring. AR allows an operator to quickly identify target areas of interest, minimising any geospatial offset, giving more accurate information and able to predict the development of critical situations.
In all these scenarios, the innovation that OPENSIGHT brings improves the quality of the result in a crucial way: multi-layer and operator-friendly, ensures an intuitive working process and with a system that can be improved according to specific needs, leads to a greater awareness of the decision to be making in real-time, in any critical situation

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