OPENSIGHT® integrated with ARTEMIS Smith Myers to optimise airborne search results

Oct 28, 2022

FlySight announces the collaboration with Smith Myers to exploit the full integration of OPENSIGHT features with ARTEMIS Mobile Phone identification, geolocation and communication sensor.

ARTEMIS allows the operator to search for and geolocate the mobile phones of persons in distress during search and rescue operations and natural disasters.  The integration of the location information from ARTEMIS into OPENSIGHT creates a clearer operational picture for the operator and simply put, leads to more positive outcomes.

Andrew Munro, Director of Smith Myers

The same information can also be exploited directly by the augmented reality engine, where the georeferenced positions are overlayed directly on top of the video together with the localisation uncertainty, thus allowing the operator to use the EO system to confirm the localisation outcome, and can be used to steer the turret automatically in order to frame the desired location.

Andrea Masini, CTO of FlySight

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✔ Download the press note with the details of the integrations

Take a look at the power of OPENSIGHT and ARTEMIS integration:

OPENSIGHT & Artemis | System Integration | FlySight & Smith Myers from FlySight on Vimeo.

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