INDIA | FlySight has expanded its global presence

Apr 4, 2024

FlySight has broadened its global footprint through a strategic collaboration with Suretech International, the technology sourcing firm in India led by Mr. R.K. Chanana, with over 25 years of experience, specializes in consulting for the establishment of new industrial projects in India.

Suretech International is dedicated to introducing emerging technologies on a global scale in India, aligning them with the country’s future growth requirements. The company is committed to facilitating the import and localization of technologies to meet India’s strategic needs, aiming to bridge the gap between India and the international market while fostering the exchange of technologies and products.

As India emerges on the international stage, there is a growing demand for cutting-edge technologies that align with the nation’s aspirations for economic growth and technological advancement. This collaboration not only shore up FlySight’s presence in India but also underscores the significance of international partnerships in the dynamic technology and business landscape.

The strategic agreement between FlySight and Suretech International is poised to promote OPENSIGHT solutions, as a testament to the importance of fostering international collaborations to navigate the evolving landscape of advanced technology and business.

From left: Emilio Simeone, President of FlySight, Andrea Masini, CEO of FlySight with the Founder of Suretech International Mr. R.K. Channa and his Vice President Shashank Jha and Mattia Carpin, Head of Engineering at FlySight.

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