FlySight’s commitment to education and research: nurturing tomorrow’s innovators

Sep 29, 2023

FlySight is proud to support the Master EAS UNIVERSITARIO DI II LIVELLO IN ELETTROACUSTICA SUBACQUEA E SUE APPLICAZIONI managed by the Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione – Università di Pisa in collaboration with the Accademia Navale of Livorno Marina Militare. Recognizing the importance of nurturing talent and advancing knowledge in this domain, FlySight proudly supports the Master EAS. This collaboration signifies a significant step towards fostering innovation and expertise in underwater electroacoustics and its applications.

Unleashing Potential in Emerging Technologies

By supporting this program, FlySight underscores its deep belief in the importance of fostering connections with the world of education and research. The company recognizes that innovation thrives when knowledge and expertise are cultivated. By nurturing these ties with academia, FlySight aims not only to stay at the forefront of new technologies but also to contribute to the growth and development of innovation in the underwater domain.

During the presentation of the university course managed by the Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione – Università di Pisa, in collaboration with the  Accademia Navale, it was emphasized that the Master EAS program holds relevance not only for the  Accademia Navale but also for the entire Italian Navy, as it plays a crucial role in shaping strategies for dominance in the underwater world. Furthermore, this master is fundamental within the framework of the new national hub for underwater activities, and involved three key ministries: Defense, Industry, and MIUR (Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research): such a testament to the shared commitment to advancing the field of underwater.

Nurturing innovation for the future

As technology continues to advance, the importance of programs like the Master EAS cannot be overstated. They not only prepare the next generation of experts but also shape strategies and contribute to the growth of knowledge and expertise in underwater eletroacoustics. 

The Elettroacustica Subacquea Master’s program covers a wide spectrum of underwater acoustics topics, preparing students and graduates for a dynamic industry. From generating and processing underwater electroacoustic signals to applications in environmental monitoring and subsea infrastructure, the program equips them with essential skills for tomorrow’s technologies. The common commitment highlights dedication to pushing advanced solutions and fostering a brighter future in the underwater technology.

From left to right: Alessandro Capecchi (Italian Navy), Emilio Simeone (FlySight), Anna Monreale (University of Pisa), Riccardo Costanzi (University of Pisa) and Maurizio Sonzogni (Italian Navy).
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