FlySight obtains EN 9100 certification

Jan 17, 2022

FlySight was awarded the widely recognized EN 9100 certification for its quality management systems in the Design and Development of data processing Software in the defence, security and space sector.

Throughout the civil and military aerospace industry, EN 9100 is the quality assurance standard in development, production and maintenance along the entire supply chain. With this international quality management certification, FlySight provides evidence that its quality processes meet all customers needs and regulatory authorities requirements.

“FlySight has achieved this goal after about one year of work, during which the company continuously used and improved its current quality system optimising its processes and best practices. – Commented Andrea Masini, CTO of FlySight – The company’s resources, organisation, processes and infrastructures were all involved in this challenge, brilliantly won within the set timeline”.

The accreditation UNI EN 9100 certifies the excellence of industries operating in the aeronautical, space and defence sectors.

We are proud to have obtained the important EN 9100 certification, which will bring significant benefits to the operations and management of the company. – The CTO continued – It confirms our awareness that the market’s challenges are also won by providing and affirming the highest levels of quality. The same quality with which we develop every our solution every day, making it available to customers and partnerships“.

So, this certification reinforces FlySight’s position as a member of the aerospace industry of excellence and establishes the conditions for achieving a further competitive edge with OPENSIGHT, the FlySight unique platform for any challenging scenario, created to provide the best support in decision making.

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