OPTRO 2020 in Paris: FlySight team presentation

Mar 11, 2020

We are very proud to announce that our colleague Alessandro Betti will take part to OPTRO2020, the 9th International Simposium on Optronics in Defence and Security, which will be held in Paris from today until Thursday (28-30 January, 2020).

In his presentation, on January 30th, he will discuss a novel ship dataset of visual images, as well as a new software solution based on the Real-Time single-stage detector YOLOv3 built on top of these data. Furthermore he will adequately present also detection outcomes, model performances and the next steps of the project.

For its 9th edition, OPTR02020 will gather all the leading specialists from governments, industry, universities and laboratories and give opportunity to implement fruitful exchanges between colleagues of different countries and disciplines.
OPTR02020 will present the status on recent advances in Optronics in the fields of Defence and Security and on the perspectives that Photonics offers in the near future covering the current aspects of Optronics but also addressing emerging technologies in Photonics.

1. lmaging & Systems
2. Sensors & Components
3. Laser Sensors & Systems
4. Signal & Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence for Optronics
5. Simulation and Augmented Reality
6. Photonics R&T and Emerging Technologies
7. Airborne Applications
8. Air, Land & Sea Defence Applications
9. Homeland Security Applications
10. Space Applications
11. Defence Technology Research with EDA (Special Topic)

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