FlySight at International Military Helicopter 2024

Feb 19, 2024

In a groundbreaking set, FlySight is a sponsor the International Military Helicopter (IMH) 2024, scheduled for the upcoming week. The event, now in its 18th annual edition, aims to address the paramount concerns of the global rotary community, focusing on delivering next-generation capabilities and addressing current threats.
The conference, renowned as the benchmark for senior military helicopter leadership, offers an outstanding opportunity for learning, idea exchange, and collaborative efforts. The event is anticipated to be a pivotal moment for industry leaders and aviation enthusiasts alike, setting the stage for advancements in rotary capabilities and technological integration.
Under the theme “Delivering the next generation of rotary capabilities to 2040+,” the conference’s agenda promises a comprehensive exploration of the future of military rotary aviation. With an emphasis on meeting the challenges of the technologically dynamic operating environment, the discussions will extend beyond platform-centricity, targeting requirements definition, increased availability, and the enhancement of skills necessary for future operations.

FlySight’s presence at IMH 2024 holds particular significance as it introduces the evolution of OPENSIGHT, positioning it as a key element in shaping the future capabilities of rotary aircraft. As numerous military helicopter platforms approach the end of their life cycles and geopolitical conflicts, such as the ongoing situation in Ukraine, underscore the urgency of renewing and strategizing rotary capabilities, New emerging disruptive technologies’s contributions become increasingly pivotal.

In the sponsored area, FlySight unveils the OPENSIGHT-Automatic Target Recognition integrated with the A179 Lightning Rugged Fan-less Xavier NX AI Supercomputer from our partner AiTech Systems. This cutting-edge supercomputer provides all the power needed for AI-based local processing right where it’s essential, next to your sensors. It stands as the most advanced solution for AI, deep learning, video and signal processing, catering to the next generation of autonomous vehicles, surveillance and targeting systems, EW Systems, drones, wearables, and various applications, including OPENSIGHT-atr, to provides a training environment for image/video processing for detection, classification and identification.

FlySight’s contributions, alongside AiTech Systems’ groundbreaking supercomputer, will underscore the importance of collaborative efforts between industry leaders and operators. IMH 2024 is poised to share insights and initiatives on future capabilities, considering the evolving multi-domain battlespace. With a focus on technological developments, the conference will address critical enablers, including the regulatory environment, procurement systems, and collaborative efforts between operators and industry players.


Read about the integration of OPENSIGHT also with A172 by aitech Systems:

OPENSIGHT Augmented Reality System

Enabling automatic target detection classification and identification

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