FlySight & ASOG continue to celebrate the passion for the airborne, together also in 2022

Jan 4, 2022

We are proud to announce that FlySight supporting ASOG, airborne operators group in the New Year.

FlySight supporter ASOG, airborne operators group

We joined with the professional international aircrew network in the 2021 and greater passion for the airborne solutions is the boost to continue our friendship with the Airborne Sensor Operators Group in 2022 too.
Thanks to ASOG for opening the doors of the network and giving us the opportunity to share our ideas and company insights with the community of aircrew operators.

We are sure that with this new beginning, we will celebrate a pleasant partnership of this collaboration that will surely make us grow. Exchanges, relationships and encounters with the needs of those on the ground, or on board, are growing.

Everything to make our solutions and our open vision more useful and usable, within the reach of those who every day needs to have a real-time optimal support in decision making for any possible scenario, also interfacing software tools for airborne data sensors and avionics information processing. 

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