EDF2021 | FlySight partner in two new defence projects

Jul 21, 2022

The results of EDF2021 have just been published:

while we are exhibitors at the Farnborough International Airshow, we are proud to receive the news that we are partners in two high-end defense capability projects supported by EDF, the European Defence Found.

 . FaRADAI project will develop robust artificial intelligent for defence applications

. ADEQUADE project will focus on breakthrough in quantum technologies for defence


The EDF will support high-end defence capability projects such as the next generation of aircraft fighters, tanks and ships, as well as critical defence technologies such as military cloud, AI, semiconductors, space, cyber or medical counter-measures. It will also spearhead disruptive technologies, notably in quantum technologies and new materials and tap into promising SMEs and start-ups.

It’s an honor for us to be part of these disruptive technological research & development projects for the future of the European Union.

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