CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Workshop “Digital Twinning in Defence Operations”

May 8, 2024

In line with the workshop on digital twin technologies promoted within the EDDI study, a CALL FOR ABSTRACT has been launched. The EDDI consortium is inviting submissions of abstract that address innovative research, case studies, and theoretical advancements related to Digital Twin technologies in defence. This is an excellent opportunity to influence the direction of cutting-edge military technologies and their applications. 

Abstract Submission Guidelines:

Abstracts should be a maximum of 250 words

Topics related to the application of digital twin technology in defense operations are encouraged.

Please send submissions to

The submission deadline is May 30th, 2024

The abstracts collected will compete for the opportunity to be presented during the workshop on June 27, at University of Luxembourg, Kirchberg Campus

Workshop Details:

Workshop “Digital Twinning in Defence Operations”  

The workshop will focus on the comprehensive study of digital twins for military purposes and their potential applications in various combat domains, including Space, Maritime, Air, Land, and Cyber. The EDDI project, led by FlySight, aims to investigate the applicability of digital twin technologies in defense operations in collaboration with key partners such as HENSOLDT, INEGI, RE-liON, TNO, and UNI.LU.

The workshop aims to facilitate discussions, knowledge exchange, and collaboration regarding the application of digital twin technologies in military and dual-use applications. It will bring together stakeholders from various domains, including defense actors, industry representatives, experts, and military branches.


🔊 CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Do you want to actively participate in the workshop? SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT to by May 30th!

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