PAvCon and ASOG 2024 Spring Training Week | FlySight Course

Apr 17, 2024

FlySight Announces Sponsorship and Participation in PAvCon and ASOG Spring Training Week – Course for Airborne Sensor Operators and Technicians.

FlySight is glad to announce its continued partnership and sponsorship at the upcoming Police Aviation Conference (PAvCon) Europe event. This European avionic law enforcement pivotal gathering, set to take place in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, at Airborne Technologies, will see us not only participating as sponsors but also showcasing a series of cutting-edge integrations poised to empower the industry.

But our engagement doesn’t end with PAvCon. FlySight is extending its commitment to advancing the skills of airborne sensor operators, specialists, technicians, and supervisors by sponsoring the Airborne Mission Management Systems Course as part of the ASOG (Airborne Sensor Operators Group) Spring Training Week.

Airborne Mission management Systems Course – Scheduled for the last days of May (May, 30-31), this initiative underscores our dedication to fostering proficiency in aerial work aviation operations across public safety, defense, and civil sectors.

A Deep Dive into OPENSIGHT and Partner Technologies

At the heart of our session-training is OPENSIGHT, the multi-domain and multi-platform PED (processing, exploitation, and dissemination) system developed by the FlySight team. This Mission Console System is engineered to amplify decision-making in avionics missions through an augmented reality (AR) setting, enhancing situational awareness on tactical displays.

Participants of the ASOG Spring Training Week will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the functionalities of OPENSIGHT. The course will also spotlight contributions from our esteemed partners, including SAFRAN Electronics & Defense with their Euroflir 410, CENTUM research & technology with Lifeseeker, and Smith Myers with ARTEMIS.

This collaboration facilitates a comprehensive learning experience, covering intelligence, protection, and optimization of search and rescue (SAR) missions.

Partnership Highlights of the Course

Our participation in PAvCon and sponsorship of the ASOG training course are a commitment to excellence, these partecipations are more than just events on the calendar: they represent FlySight’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the capabilities and safety of those engaged in critical aerial work. By bringing together top-tier partners and technologies, we aim to elevate the standards of aerial mission management and contribute to the development of a highly skilled workforce ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.


For those interested in joining us for this transformative experience, we encourage you to sign up and find more information by filling out the form on the ASOG Group website.

–> Click here to register and learn more!

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