A light YOLO-like network for small vehicles detection | FlySight CTO talks

Jun 9, 2022

The French Aerospace Society organizes OPTRO 2022, the 10th International Symposium on OPTRONICS IN DEFENCE AND SECURITY and we are in the program to present one of the latest innovations from our research and development department.

A light YOLO-like network for small vehicles detection in aerial images” is the focus of the speech of our CTO Andrea Masini

It’s the result collected also in a scientific publication that involved the entire team of our researchers and that will be told during the sessions dedicated to space and airborne applications.

OPTRO2022 will present recent findings in Optronics in the fields of Defence and Security and perspectives that Photonics offers in the near future through emerging technologies. All our research and development that expand our OPENSIGHT® solutions are among them innovations.

By gathering leading specialists from government, industry, university and laboratories, the Symposium represents a great opportunity to implement fruitful exchanges between colleagues of different countries and disciplines.

FlySight is honoured to be part of this ongoing dialogue to explore the needs related to optronic technologies for space defence applications. 


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