8 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing your Mission System Software

18 Apr, 2024

Based on Successful integrations and trusted partnerships that have chosen OPENSIGHT 

Over the years, integrated mission systems in helicopters have developed to take into account the advanced nature of helicopters, but also to ensure that pilots and operators are not so overwhelmed with information that they struggle to actually control the vehicle. Integrated mission console is the very definition of ‘augmentation’ in that they complement and enhance the existing console with multi-layered programmes to give a more complete data set. From operational information on the aircraft itself to heads-up displays showing the pilot the location of hazards such as overhead power cables, integrated mission consoles represent the next step in the evolution of helicopter cockpits. The clarity with which the various components of an integrated mission console interact with one another and with the user is also a major factor.

In this article, eight essential factors to consider when selecting the Optimal Mission System Software.

  1. Universally Adaptable OPENSIGHT-mc is Operating System and Hardware Agnostic, ranging from lightweight tablets to robust mission systems, ensuring compatibility for all integration needs.
    Discover the freedom to use OPENSIGHT-mc anywhere
  2. Empower your vision Embrace the OPENSIGHT-mc Open-Code approach, shape your unique solution, and own the final product.
    It’s your journey, your rules – OPENSIGHT-mc Open-Code is here to guide you
  3. Seamless Deployment for End Users  For end users, OPENSIGHT-mc is delivered as a ready-to-use application. Just pure readiness to elevate your operations
  4. Unmatched Flexibility – Stanag4609, SDI acquisition, frame grabber control, custom interfaces and plugins – Effortlessly adapting to multiple scenarios, OPENSIGHT-mc is designed to be the chameleon of software – versatile and dynamic
  5. Data integration Made Easy – Pull in any kind of data effortlessly, from Radar to AIS, MPDLS, and weather. With ready-made plugins or the freedom to develop your own using OPENSIGHT-sdk, the possibilities are limitless
  6. Open Data Exchange – Record, Replay, Record, Record, Restream, Exchange, Export – OPENSIGHT-mc is Open, ensuring seamless data export to other system. Your data, your way
  7. Leverage Multi-Domain Expertise  OPENSIGHT-mc is continually enriched by the cross-domain expertise of the OPENSIGHT system technology, MULTI-PLATFORM ped designed to offer optimal decision-making support, spanning from airborne surveillance missions to underwater operations.
  8. Operator-Friendly Design  Simplify your operator’s life with a user-friendly Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and support for Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) capabilities, ensuring satisfaction with its operations.

To learn more, at your disposal, the Company Overview and brochure for the OPENSIGHT Mission Console showcased at our booth:

⤵️ FlySight’s Overview
⤵️ OPENSIGHT Mission Console – Brochure

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