The right solution for your current and future needs

OpenSIGHT is a geo-based Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination toolbox that represents a new environment concept for the definition of Decision Support Systems.

OpenSIGHT has been developed following the STANAG guidelines and rules in more than 10 years of expertise matured in interfacing SW tools for the processing of airborne data sensors and avionics information.

  • Platform independent (workstation, desktop or mobile, all operative systems).
  • Modular plug-ins (each plug-in is exportable as a standalone application or library).
  • Ease of customization and extension through a simple SDK (Software development kit).
  • OpenSIGHT core SW libraries are FREE.

Reality processing 

  • Exploit real information in a synthetic environment for scenarios analysis and Forecasting.
  • Simultaneous GIS and 3D graphics rendering capabilities
  • Real-time and archive mission data display and management

Open software License

  • You can customize everything.
  • You can add new functionalities.